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Thinkers – Positive and Negative Effects on Health

Published: June 16, 2017

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Being on a negative side isn’t always a bad thing. This is like saying, see things differently. Putting on reality check or going overboard is what we always get. I am not saying that we should always think negative. All I am saying is that there should be balance between these two different things. Either you are positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you can do anything you can to achieve.

Looking at negative side at a negative way. Confusing as it sounds, we are seeing negative in a bad way because it is how it is supposed to be. Don’t you think that seeing the negative way means that you are looking at the possible problems that come? There are people who actually do well when they pessimists. How? When they are in bad moods, they make better arguments which improves memory and accuracy. It can also reduce negative events because we can be prepared when worst case scenario comes.

Do you know that both sides have disadvantages? Why? It is never good when it overdone or underdone. Here are the disadvantages of both sides:-


  • You’re not getting anywhere

When we are being negative over everything, we won’t get anywhere. We will not be able to make a plan towards our goals. We will also end up meaning nothing to anyone.

  • Depression

Negativity leads to depression. 25 million Americans are depressed every year. Depression can target anyone—comedians, idols, loved ones and many more. With all the pressure and negative energy around, how are you going to enjoy life? When being pushed to the limit, will you break?

  • Ruined relationships

You are detaching yourself from what should be for you. Building a wall between you and the others will leave you feeling unloved and unworthy of their trust. Being distant always can be very lonely.

  • Stress

Stress can take a huge toll in your body. Not to mention, our mental health. How can negativity lead to stress? Because of depression, your mental and physical health are in danger. As stress overloads, you get to have cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral symptoms.



  • Forcing yourself to think positively can make you feel empty.

We suppress our emotions that end up weakening our immune system and increase stress. When we feel the weakest, we intend to be cheerful to battle the weak side.

If we force others to positive thinking, if the person we are trying to convince earns by negativity, don’t you think it hinders his performance?

  • Ignore warnings

Over optimism can ignore warnings. In business, there are those that negative thinking can actually help them produce more and increase accuracy. Because of over optimism, we missed out the parts that we should be careful for. And, that leads to company’s issues.

  • Unrealistic expectations

When we hope for things that are never meant to ours, we find that our expectations have backfired.  Sometimes, it can lead to delusions, which is a concern for mental health. There are those who live through positivity without learning the downside are those who can get through anything that stands in their way. They are mostly the unbalanced and inflexible people.

Let’s say you are applying for the job you always wanted. So, you end up thinking, “I am sure they won’t accept me” or “I will definitely get the job.” Which is it? The former? Or, the latter? The former can either mean that you are giving up or prepared for the worst. The latter can be that you are optimistic about it. Or, you know that you nailed it. Finally, the employer gives his answer. You end up not getting the job. How do you see it? Do you find it as an opportunity? Or, do you breakdown and end up doubting yourself? What are you going to do?

  • You can hone your skills to be better
  • Try more and explore
  • Do better next time
  • An opportunity will come and so on

There are more things you can see in different perspectives. Life isn’t always colors and rainbows. But, we can balance to be happy. Our minds can play many tricks on us. But, only we can control it. How we handle it is up to us. Which side is advantageous to you?

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