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Life Coach Tips To Get Balance Between Work & Personal Life

Published: May 17, 2017

Life Coach Tips To Get Balance Between Work & Personal Life | NewYork

Life Coach Tips To Get Balance Between Work & Personal Life

Life in New York isn’t as easy as it sounds. The hustle and bustle can be hectic at most times—especially when plans and schedules don’t synced up. A lot of things can happen in a single day—such as not enough work has finished, becoming a bag lady or bag man, extra charges of services and endless bills. Then, you get to hear the noise, the smell of the garbage (if you live near there) and the high-priced lifestyle. Is there any more stress-building and infuriating than these? Don’t get yourself caught up in this mess. The more stress you build, the more problems you will face. Management can also be troublesome when you can’t think of another plan. Being part of the New Yorkers can be quite crazy. But, look on the bright side—there are things try out and others to discover.


Here are some tips to help you cope up yet keeping the balance between work and personal life:

  • Take deep breaths until you feel calm

Let’s face it. We all have such tough days on us. Breathing helps you calm down and takes your mind off of whatever things that makes you stress out.

  • Never skip meals

There are food stands or trucks anywhere in Brooklyn and New York. There also famous restaurants and cafés many recommend. Be sure to eat something even when you’re in a hurry. An empty stomach leads to awful results. But, you should know your limits. Too much and too little are not good.

  • Better time management

There is a saying, “Time is gold”. We waste time of unproductive activities—we lose money that was meant for us. How do we do that? Here are some tips:

  • Make a schedule.

Brainstorm your activities and keep track. Understand the how much you can get things done and how much time is wasted on unproductive activities. Sort out what are the things to be done importantly, when they need to be done, and which ones can be done on some other time.

  • Take out all distractions

With things such as social media, you’re not going make anything done. Use it for business purposes only.

  • Make time for loved ones

Your loved ones will feel like they are no longer important to you. Keep your relationship with them and make up the lost time.

It is best to be in schedule, that way you can immerse yourself in getting things done on time. If you got it faster, then relax.

  • Use apps that make up services such as laundry and cleaners

Because you’re so busy, you won’t have time to clean up. There are services available for you. Your time is essential. There are also apps that avoid crowds and those for traffic advisories. Internet has never ceased to amaze us.

  • When you are stuck, take a break

Walking helps you boost your creativity. Inspiration and ideas can come from anywhere. If you can’t, then listen to music or play a game. Anything that helps you calm down or boost your creativity.

  • Sleeps and Laughs

Studies show that you need 7-9 hours of sleep. When you get enough sleep, you increase productivity and creativity, therefore, enhancing your stamina.

Laughs can bring out the positive energy in you. Positive mind is equal to reducing stress. Just make sure you don’t laugh for no reason.

NYC is best for extraordinary people. Working hard is good but don’t forget what matters most. Coach yourself with these tips and you can have a healthy lifestyle and relationships.

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