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‘Healthy Foods’ for a ‘Healthy Mind’

Published: June 28, 2017

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As of now, the foods that we intake go through the rest of our body, supplying the nutrients and energy we needed. Let us recall the stages of food pyramid. Like the pyramid, there are certain types of factors to consider before classifying the food to intake and which can benefit us the most. Take which foods to eat according to your diet or preference. Remember, too much of a good thing is never good. You might not know, when you take too much that is it too good, you leave out the important things for you.

As for our everyday job, we come up with ideas, do what we are told to do, execute plans and so on. This is when we use our brains to do everything. No brain, then you’re safe from zombies. Just kidding. Our brains function as a control center. Our memory, emotions and thoughts are all stored and supplied there. Although, it is the hungriest organ in the body. Why? Our brains use a lot of our energy to command and transform it into actions. It also deals with stress—this damages our brain tissues transforming it into mental or physical brain disorders. We need to relieve our brains for inflammation and oxidation as to not get brain damage.

On the process of thinking mode, many of us prefer to eat sweets or anything that contains glucose (considering that’s what the brain prefers). As for me, I eat sweets when I study. There are those that find sweets helping, others don’t. Here are some foods that can help you maintain a healthy mind and body.

  • Fish

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… Admit it. You sang, right? Just kidding. That’s right. Those swimming animals are good for the brain. It is rich in Omega-3 oil and DHA, which plays an important role in your diet, especially when you are trying to avoid meat. Lean meat such as fish can help you grow more brain cells. I am not saying this is a cure for stupidity. None of that. When you grow more brain cells, it helps you think more and reduce the inflammation from our minds, which comes from stress. Not only does it help, it can also reduce heart diseases and vision problems.

  • Fruits and Veggies

It is natural that veggies come in the list. Like that cartoon named “Popeye”, he eats spinach to get stronger. How does it relate to brain? Veggies can age you slower, making you younger than your age. All sorts of vitamins can be found in these. Such as:

  • Lycopene

Lycopene can protect your body from diseases such as AIDS and diabetes. How does it help? Here is a thing called Neuropathic pain. You feel the pain even when a part of you is removed such as arms or legs. Even when it is removed, you still feel the pain carried from your nerves and carry impulses. Lycopene also delays Alzheimer’s disease—which can worsen each time you age. This usually starts on the age of 65 and above.

  • Vitamin C

Found in citrus fruits, Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant. There are many things that Vitamin C can do. Not only it is an antioxidant, it also improves our mood and our memory.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium increases focus and concentration, improves mood and reduce cravings. Don’t belittle it. It is important than you know. It is essential for oxidative phosphorylation, energy production and glycosis.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not only found in the sun. Fruits and veggies also contain it for those who don’t wish to go outside. It has protect your brain from stroke-induced injuries or neurodegeneration, which is often found among the elders.

There are many more nutrients that our brain needs and what can these fruits and veggies help with our brain and body function.

  • Nuts

A nut for your coconut. There are sayings that when you eat nuts, you’ll get smarter. Is this a hoax? Actually, nuts can help improve brain function, especially on the cognitive side. Like fish, it is also rich in Omega-3 and vitamin E. Not only does it help your mind, it lowers blood pressure and responses better to stress. A study from Harvard found that it is important to have nuts in your diet (except for those who are allergic to nuts).

  • Tea

Tea is rich in antioxidants can reduce the brain’s inflammation and oxidation, also, it helps lose weight. Antioxidants flush out those unwanted fats and boosts your immunity to help fight out the bacteria or anything that can make you sick. Decaf tea (or herbal tea), such as lavender and chamomile, can help you calm your nerves and reduce stress, as well as anxiety. But, if you need a boost, go for the tea with caffeine, go for coffee.

  • Chocolate and Sweets

Who doesn’t like chocolate? On the contrary, chocolate can reduce depression because it releases serotonin—responsible for regulating moods. They can also be anti-depressants due to be it either a pleasure or a reward. Moderate intake is suggested. A small piece of it contains a lot of calories.

Sweets, which are high in glucose, are what the brain needs when thinking. The brain demands a large quantity of energy for our neurons—as it depends on sugar as its fuel. Sugar can boost your energy, however, be careful. Too much of it can affect our memory and cognitive ability because of the excess energy intake.

We fuel our body by the foods we intake. Watch out for those that can damage your body. On a healthy diet, it is good that you are dedicated to attain or maintain the figure or the lifestyle you have. However, don’t deprive yourself from the foods that you want. It’s good to have a cheat day. That way you won’t also damage your mental health. You can give in to those desires. But, remember to hold back if it becomes too much. Best to have a partner that can support you or control your desires when the bar reaches to its maximum level.

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