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Enjoy The Richness of Living Stress-free

Published: December 21, 2016

As we come to the end of another year many people are finding themselves financially stressed out for a variety of different reasons. And the fact is that whether you have millions of dollars socked away or are deep in debt, you could be living stressed out over money worries.

Some people who have millions are afraid to spend it. Think of Scrooge! They’re afraid they won’t ever have “enough” so they don’t enjoy themselves and they remain in a constant state of money stress. And those who are in debt are at the opposite end of the spectrum worried that everything will begin to fall apart if they don’t keep up and catch up. They live life on a treadmill that seems to just go faster and faster.

So, which one are you? Are you at either extreme or somewhere in the middle? Not all, but a majority of people live in a state of anxiety and stress regarding money.

A Completely Different Stress-Free Dimension

Believe it or not, those people who are the richest are those that do not experience money stress. To the money-stressed it’s as if these people must live in another dimension. And for all intents and purposes, they do.

Those who live in this dimension feel rich because they are not stressed. They don’t get sick due to money worries. They don’t live beyond their means. They plan for major purchases and they stick to a budget. Most importantly, these people are not one bit concerned about what others think about them. They don’t have to have the latest car or the biggest TV. They don’t have to have a brand new wardrobe each season. They are not in the game called “keeping up with the Joneses.”

The Stress-Free World is Not So Far Away

While it might seem to those living in financial stress that a stress-free world is like a planet far, far away, the distance can be bridged one small step at a time. It might even seem to be an impossible place to live in for someone who is caught up at either extreme of the financially stressed out dimension. However, I have helped nudge people out of the stressed out world into the stress free world step by step and they look back in wonder at how wonderful their lives are now versus when they were caught in the vortex that was sucking the life right out of them.

I ask you to stop for a moment, if you are caught in the financial stress vortex. I ask you to take a deep breath and consider what it might be like living without being worried about money. How would that feel? It is the richest feeling on earth! Can you imagine that?

If you can imagine living with the rich feeling of a stress free life, contact my office. I would be happy to help you bridge the distance between the two very different lifestyles. I would like to bring you to the dimension where you can experience balance, wealth, health and happiness permanently. Let’s start the New Year out adventuring to a new dimensi

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