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End of Year Stress Busting Tips

Published: December 27, 2016

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I find one can never have too many reminders to help get them through the stressful holiday season. The holiday parties are back-to-back, the Christmas carols are starting to jangle your nerves, there seem to be an endless number of gifts to be wrapped and, you are probably worried that you might have forgotten someone. And you’re spending more money than you had planned to spend.

Amidst all the celebrating and singing at this “most wonderful time of the year”, it’s important to take time for yourself on a daily basis to help manage the stress. Even 15 minutes a day will help. Find a quiet spot either in your home, at the office or if you must pop into a church or chapel during your lunch break. Wherever your quiet spot is, just close your eyes for a moment and breathe. Really breathe. Feel the breath go deep into your lungs and slowly exhale.

If you were to simply breathe in this manner for a few moments or for a full 15 minutes your entire day would change for the better. Your stress level would decrease and you might even find yourself feeling completely relaxed during the remainder of your day. If you aren’t ready for silent breathing, pull out a notebook and jot down a to-do list to help remind you of unfinished tasks. When you complete a task mark it off your list. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with each completed task that eases stress too.

If you can’t find a quiet spot, another suggestion is to go for a short walk. Walking helps clear the head. Or if you prefer, go for a run. Exercise is a well-known stress buster. In fact any kind of exercise will do. Yoga, Tai-Chi, sit-ups, push-ups, walking, running, swimming. You get the idea. Just burn off some calories and some built-up stress. And remember to breathe!


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