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Detach Yourself from Loneliness!!

Published: July 5, 2017

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Life isn’t always fun and rainbows. You sometimes have to go through sad times to be happy. That is where we learned to be content. We never know when and how the things and the people we love will be taken away from us. Loneliness is what most of us feel when there is no one around to be there for us. To face this, it’s either we let it go through us. Or… we conquer it. Being alone and lonely are two very different things.

Being alone is being with yourself–apart from those who don’t even want to stay with you. Lonely is when you sense and went through a lot. You don’t feel like you belong to anywhere. Even if you don’t want to be, you still continue to put on a façade as if you’re okay. Sometimes, we have to be alone to enjoy and spend time for ourselves. We make decisions that we think are regretful. But, there are others don’t think the same way we do.

There will always be a part of our life where we face obstacles. Can fate really turn the tables for us? How can we overcome it? Do we need comfort? When the world is against us, how can we see our future? Is there someone who will be there in times for our need? The pain can come from many different aspects.

  • Start by throwing out the things that can block your happiness

Let’s begin by taking out the garbage that piles in us. Everything that can hurt us, throw it out. Or, create better one. Here is an example. From a dull, boring room—to a light and fresh living space. Let’s bring out the inner beauty.

  • Learn to love yourself

Sometimes, love can come from yourself. Everyone deserves to be loved. Start by saying, “This is me. I love myself.” Or, face into the mirror and practice smiling. Smiles can give out the positive side in you and make you look younger. It takes a lot muscles in our face to frown than to smile. This is a step to be better.

  • Be thankful

We should be thankful for what we have. There are more people who are more unfortunate than us. We shouldn’t always complain of what we don’t have. It would only seem like we are taking advantage of what we have. Every day is worth thanking for.

  • Find a new Hobby

Find a new hobby where we can be creative. I find cross stitches relaxing and comforting. Every stitch and every color is a part of me marking into the cloth and turning it into an art. If cross stitch isn’t for you, try something else.

There are many things that we can do and explore. Which steps to take, which path to choose—it’s all up to us. We should never stop learning. Beautiful things and places are just below our noses or near us.

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