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A Stress-free Life Requires Practice, Practice, Practice

Published: December 8, 2016

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Here in New York there’s a joke that goes like this. A woman came up to a man on the street in New York and asked, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall.” The man, obviously a musician answered, “Practice, practice, practice!” Bringing balance and calmness to your stressful life is a practice. Maintaining balance requires the kind of dedication any artist must have who wants to master their art. If you want to master your life and achieve peace, poise and balance you must be engaged in a continual process of “practice, practice, practice!”

Five Areas of Practice

Balance is not brought about by focusing on one single area of your life, but on five areas where health is typically off kilter. These are financial health, physical health, relationship health, and spiritual health. When those four areas are in balance what occurs is mental health, which is the fifth area and the one area that most people tend to focus on first. And, what that tells me is that even the approach most people take toward achieving a balanced lifestyle is out of balance.

Also, once you’ve achieved that coveted state of balance, you don’t stop doing all the things that got you there. You cannot return to the way you lived prior to achieving balance because guess what, you’ll return to the lifestyle that preceded the precious balanced lifestyle.

If you have a business that is thriving, but your family life is falling apart, that’s an unbalanced life. If you’re in great physical shape but your business is faltering, that’s an unbalanced life. And, what about your spiritual life? For most people that takes a back seat to everything else. If you’re feeling pulled in a dozen different directions instead of focusing on what’s important, that’s an unbalanced life.

A Stress-free Lifestyle is Magical

Balance is the magic of a stress-free life. It is the result of bringing everything inside into alignment and learning how to take the steps in each of the areas of health, finances, relationships and spirituality. It may not be easy at first, but with correct guidance in ways that bring each of these areas into play at the same time, it will become enjoyable and easier over time. Then, like any great musician or artist, you’ll practice for the sheer joy of a life beautifully in balance. You’ll want to maintain that balance. You’ll also know how to correct minor mishaps along the way.

A Balanced, Guided Process

Do you have a favorite restaurant where every time you go, the dishes are so well balanced you are continuously drawn back? Do you have a favorite poet, painter or musician? Do you know why you are drawn to their work? It’s probably because a variety of elements are completely balanced which pleases you on a deep, inner level. Perhaps you can’t even explain it.

Achieving a stress-free balanced lifestyle is an art. It is a process that one must be guided through carefully, skillfully and consistently over a period of time. For those of us who choose to remain in the world instead of heading off to a monastery or mountaintop, it is admittedly difficult to find that kind of balance. However, there is a way, an integrated approach that will guide you gently down the path toward the balanced lifestyle of your dreams.

If you are ready to step onto the path and discover the stress-free life waiting just beneath the surface of your chaotic life, contact my office. It’s an excellent way to begin a brand New Year.

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